Flexitank is a package that is used for storage and transportation of non-hazardous liquid products and is intended for installation in 20ft ISO shipping containers.The TS standard flexitank is composed of 4 inner layers of food-grade PE and 1 outer layer of tubular woven polypropylene fabric.The seamless tubular PP design removes risk of rupture lengthwise.TS manufactures flexitanks in sizes from 16cbm up to 24 cbm in order to maximize the capacity of a heavyweight 20ft container depending on the SG of the product to be carried. Using TS flexitank will reduce packaging, storage and transportation costs by a sizeable margin. more

Flexitank for Truck

The flexitank is used in truck. The container is not necessary.Very low positioning cost. No cleaning cost,No disposal cost.Cost effective and considerably cheaper than tank containers,drums and IBC


IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) is the package that is used for the storage and transportation for non-hazardous liquid products. TS IBC consists of a high density box ,2 layers of food grade PE liner and wooden pallet. The high density corrugated box(TS Paper IBC) or wood box( TS Wooden IBC) are available according to different transporting projects.As both boxes can be folded so freight cost and storage feel are saved for customers.

1.Very low positioning cost;

2. Can carry 40% or more cargo than drum and 50% or more than by bottles;

3. No need for forklift to load or unload container;

4. Available in remote areas.

1. More convenient, simple, and economical compared to the conventional tank packaging

2. Foldable with strong impermeability, no leakage, anticorrosive, and cleaning-cost saving

3. Increase loading capacity, shorten transport time, and improve the efficiency of transport.

1 Food grade suitable to edible oils, water etc

2 Easy to loading and unloading

3 Low price,saving packing cost

4 Environmental-friendly,no contamination

5 Saving storage space and fee.


Products Application

Wine, Edible Oils, Palm Oil, Industrial Grease, Non-hazardous liquid chemicals More


Heating pad, Manual airvent,Camlock, Steel bars, Bulk head More

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Why Choose Us?

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  Qingdao Tongshuai Vehicle Components Co., Ltd, is a professional production-oriented enterprise, which specializes in producing flexitank that are popular in Transportation industry. With total assets of USD$4.5 million and a factory size of nearly 40,000 square meters, not only do we have high-tech mechanical equipments and first class production line, but also we are proud of a group of advanced engineers, technicians and workers.


Frequently Asked Questions


Can the 24000Liter style flexitank be used to transport 25000 liter liquid?

Yes, Our flexitank can allow 5% more or less,so the 24000 liter style can be used to transport 25000 liter liquid,but in consideration of the safety, we do not suggest do that. more


Do you have any insurance?

Yes, Our insurance company is the worldwide famous insurance company,USA CHUBB INSURANCE COMPANY, which has its agency worldwide.While the leakage compensation can be USD5000000 at the most as for each leakage.more