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What is flexitank?

   Flexitank is a package that is used for storage and transportation of non-hazardous liquid products and is intended for installation in 20ft ISO shipping containers.

  The TS standard flexitank is composed of 4 inner layers of food-grade PE and 1 outer layer of  tubular woven polypropylene fabric.The seamless tubular PP design removes risk of rupture lengthwise.
  TS  manufactures flexitanks in sizes from 16cbm up to 24 cbm in order to maximize the capacity of a heavyweight 20ft container depending on the SG of the product to be carried. Using TS  flexitank will reduce packaging, storage and transportation costs by a sizeable margin. This is due to its relatively low unit cost and the convenience of positioning ,speed of loading and efficient exploitation of loading weights.

  The 3inch Butterfly valve is fixed firmly into the PP flange. This improves the safety and removes the risk of leakage from the valve when loading or discharging.The anti-suction valve design minimizes residue in flexitank after discharge.
  The PP flange design is mechanically fitted to the flexitank, and guarantees replication of fitting when compared with welded systems.

  The specially designed bonnet provides a clean and secure containment area around the valve and is designed to ensure that any seepage or small spillages that might result from filling or discharge do not become incidents during transit.

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