Flexitank is a package that is used for storage and transportation of non-hazardous liquid products and is intended for installation in 20ft ISO shipping containers.The TS standard flexitank is composed of 4 inner layers of food-grade PE and 1 outer layer of tubular woven polypropylene fabric.The seamless tubular PP design removes risk of rupture lengthwise.TS manufactures flexitanks in sizes from 16cbm up to 24 cbm in order to maximize the capacity of a heavyweight 20ft container depending on the SG of the product to be carried. Using TS flexitank will reduce packaging, storage and transportation costs by a sizeable margin. more

Flexitank for Truck

The flexitank is used in truck. The container is not necessary.Very low positioning cost. No cleaning cost,No disposal cost.Cost effective and considerably cheaper than tank containers,drums and IBC


IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) is the package that is used for the storage and transportation for non-hazardous liquid products. TS IBC consists of a high density box ,2 layers of food grade PE liner and wooden pallet. The high density corrugated box(TS Paper IBC) or wood box( TS Wooden IBC) are available according to different transporting projects.As both boxes can be folded so freight cost and storage feel are saved for customers.


Products Application

Wine, Edible Oils, Palm Oil, Industrial Grease, Non-hazardous liquid chemicals More


Heating pad, Manual airvent,Camlock, Steel bars, Bulk head More

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1, Can the 24000Liter style flexitank be used to transport 25000 liter liquid?

Yes, Our flexitank can allow 5% more or less,so the 24000 liter style can be used to transport 25000 liter liquid,but in consideration of the safety, we do not suggest do that.

2, Do you have any insurance?

Yes, Our insurance company is the worldwide famous insurance company,USA CHUBB INSURANCE COMPANY, which has its agency worldwide.While the leakage compensation can be USD5000000 at the most as for each leakage.

3, Do you have 3” camlock?

Yes, we can offer while you require, but it is not included in our standard flexitank accessories, which can be charged for the cost.Thanks for your understanding.

4, How much degree’s liquid can be loaded?

In order to ensure the utmost safety of flexitank transportation,Our standard flexitank can load liquid with the temperature extent from -10℃ ~+60. If it surpassed the extent, we need to redesign and give you the reasonable suggestion.In case of any leakage of such problem(the loss caused for the customer’ personal decision),we do not take any responsibility.

5, Can your flexitank be used to transport food grade liquid?

Our flexitank material is food grade PE flim,Sanitary ,safe and has passed the test of food testing center. Which can totally be used to load food grade products.

6, Are your flexitank safe?

Our flexitank use the unique double sealing design,which can double the safety,while each of our production procedure are supervised and tested by the specific person.

7, Can your flexitank be reused?

Our flexitank is one time used.Some inevitable wear and scratches may happen in the dismantlement procedure when we reuse the flexitank, so we do not advise the recycle use of flexitank. If our customer insisted on reusing flexitnk, we do not take any responsibility for any leakage.

8, Can 20000liter liquid be loaded in a 24000 liter style flexitank?

No,in such cases,the liquid in the flexitank can make waves which is not safe for transportation.

9, Is flexitank quality the only factor that can cause flexitank leakage?

No,the improper fitting and loading can also lead to the leakage accident.

10, Can all kinds of container be used to transport flexitank?

No, the container should be clean and in good condition,while the ages of containers should be less 5 years.

11, Can all the shipping lines transport flexitank?

Almost all can,but we need to confirm with the shipping lines before booking.

12, How to deal with the flexitank once unloading the liquid?

It should be delivered to professional companies,for flexitank is made from recyclable materials.

13, Fitting attention

1) Choosing the suitable container.

2) Clean the cats and dogs, and dust in the container.

3) Get rid of the nails and sharp stuff in the bottom of the container and container wall,which should be covered by the corrugated paper,deal with the rough surface of the container wall.

4) Install the steel bar,the space between the bars should be the same. 

5) Begin to install cardboard,each steel bar should be fitted in the cardboard with plastic clip.

6) Begin loading,all the procedure should be supervised until finishing loading.